Lithuania Playbook: Wheel (Motion)

It looked and felt like this was Lithuania's "system of attack" rather than a series of set plays. Certainly set plays were called within their "wheel" but the players also had freedom to make decisions and react based on concepts. (Concepts listed in order of appearance not in a hieratchy)

Concept 1: PG Wing entry and UCLA cut from ball side big

Concept 2: Ball on wing = help side forward down screen for help side guard


Concept 3: Pass from wing to top with corner empty = ball side (on pass) forward sets a ball screen



PG has option to go to the strong side corner to initiate the offense (instead of weak side)



Wing entry to Kleiza = ball side post and corner occupied



Concept: Pass to top with ball side corner and post occupied = back screen + inversion to look for passer in an iso


Post entry + Handoff the forwards are setting indirects continuously for the guards

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Concept mentioned previously: Pass to top with corner and post occupied = back screen + inversion.

If no isolation available a double screen is occurring for the corner man (usually the PG)



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