Tactical Analysis of the 2011 Euroleague Champions:
Panathinaikos (Obradovic)

Concepts on Offense


Here is a video looking at the offensive concepts explained below



Help Side Flare

Any time the ball was on one side of the court the help side post looked to set a flare screen as shown in the graphic. In situations of penetrations or post entries, the help side post was more agressive looking to set this screen.

weak sidedrive

The direction was not as important as the concept of the big making contact with the help side wings defender and the wing creating a new passing line.


Corner Continuations

Panathinaikos did an excellent job of spreading the defense and spacing the court by occupying the corners. In situations of "drive and kicks" where a perimeter player makes a pass from the interior, the passer sprinted out of the middle and into the strong side corner.




coach cal





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