University of Kentucky Wildcats Offense

Two Man Game: Various beginnings but always arriving to a 2 man game with good spacing

Lob Option



In the 3rd image the guy has the option to go out either side and if he goes out the side where the other guard is than the other guard (3) cuts to the other side of the court (as shown).




4 to 5 Perimeter Pass

There are different variations to this set depending on who they are playing it for (1,2 or 3). The important is the last image. There is a big to big pass to the top of the key and the passer sets a down screen for a guard who has the option to use the down screen or look for a dribble handoff.



Here he uses the down screen and ends up playing a 2 man game in the center of the court.

Here they look for Jones on an iso out of the 2 man game.


Also has the option to go off the guard on the other side (as shown in the UCLA cut entry)


High Post Entry


Defenders focused on the off ball action and don't help on the penetration

A slight variation with a down screen by the 3


Freedom to read and react

If they don't know how the play is going finalize how can the defense??

Here we really see the freedom of the players to read and react to the defense, not just run the play


On Ball Screens


Get Out and Run



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