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2012 Copa de Rey


In the first half of the 2012 "Copa de Rey" Tournament in Barcelona. Lagun Aro played a phenomenal first half of basketball en route to a 10 point half time lead. As I watched I wanted to know what and how they were attacking.


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flare screens


screens + fake screens

Screens and "Fake Screens"


This is something that is also typical of Sito Alonso's team. The use of teh fake screen. Their bigs were constantly setting screens and setting "fake screens." This creates doubt in the defense as to wether or not to helplike the screen will occur and if it is a fake the defender takes the risk of being out of position for the next situation. Or if they don't help the defender runs the risk of not helping on a screen and leaving his teammate without help. A very interesting tactic that was very present in the game.


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