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2012 Copa de Rey


In the first half of the 2012 "Copa de Rey" Tournament in Barcelona. Lagun Aro played a phenomenal first half of basketball en route to a 10 point half time lead. As I watched I wanted to know what and how they were attacking.


post entries + continuations

flare screens


screens + fake screens

Post Continuations

Lagun Aro did an excellent job of getting the ball into the post and then creating and attacking spaces on the court...intelligently.

Step 1: Ball inside = the other post flashes (or is already) above the free throw line

1. Create space close to the basket


Step 2 is to attack this space intelligently. The passer had to make a decision after passing the ball to the post. Option A was to pass and cut and the big screens away for a guard to come and replace. One thing they did a fantastic job of was reading and attacking the spaces based on reads rather than rules. In the second image the wing that normall comes out on the ball side makes a cut after the passer gets through.

pass and cut + replace

pass and cutpass cut 2

Option B is to pass and recieve a screen. This screen could be a flare towards the top of the kye as we see in the first image. Or in the second image we see a trademark of Lagun Aro coach Sito Alonso to set a screen on an atypical angle. "If this screen is always set like this then let's set it on the other side."

pass and receive a screen



coach cal


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