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2012 Copa de Rey


In the first half of the 2012 "Copa de Rey" Tournament in Barcelona. Lagun Aro played a phenomenal first half of basketball en route to a 10 point half time lead. As I watched I wanted to know what and how they were attacking.


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flare screens


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Flare Screens


Lagun Aro used the flare screen to force the opponent to defend the whole court. Looking to attack the space on the court furthest from the ball can put alot of pressure on the defense and create doubts when it comes to time to help. In the image below they are looking to create an advantage in the help side corner, the furthest location from the ball.

create advantages away from the ball creates doubts in the defenders when it comes time to help


They also ran systems to try and get all of the defense outside of the paint and as far onto the exterior as possible before playing a flare screen. A flare screen or any screen to the back of a defender in a 2 on 2 situation with no 3rd defender to help is a very difficult situation to stop. Have a look at the sequence below. The first two images are working to create a 2 on 2 situation with nobody in the middle.


How would you defend this if "2" is a good three point shooter?





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