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Hoops library is a ¨library¨ for basketball coaches. Offering one of many possible perspectives on basketball tactics, past and present.

This is a site that was created initially as part of a final project for the Curso Superior de Baloncesto 2010 organized by the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB). The goal of this page is to organize research on high level basketball for the benefit of other coaches and basketball as a sport.

Lagun Aro 2012 Copa de Rey

2012 Panathinaikos Offensive Concepts


2012 Kentucky - Dribble Handoff




The Triangle Offense from 1991-2010


Panathinaikos Tactical Analysis 2011 

NCAA 2011 Final Four Analysis



2010 World Championships Analysis 

Table of Contents

May 2012 - Panathinaikos Offensive Concepts (Obradovic)

April 2012 - Kentucky in the Championship (Calipari)

Feb 2012 - Lagun Aro ACB, in the "Copa de Rey" (Sito Alonso)

July 2011 - Triangle Offense from 1991-2010 (Phil Jackson & Tex Winters)

June 2011 - Euroleague Champion Panathinaikos (Obradovic)

April 2011 - NCAA Final 4 2011 (Stevens, Calipari, Calhoun, Smart)

Analisis of the 2010 FIBA World Championships (Krzyzewski, Tanjevic, Kemzura, Ivkovic, Hernandez, Scariolo)



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